Don Stratton was born and raised in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. After an academic career as professor of physiology and biology for many years at Drake University, he and his wife, Pauline, decided to retire to a relaxing life in Florida.

But then, after a few years of comfortable leisure featuring less than stellar golf, Don decided he needed to resurrect some intellectual stimulation.

Earlier he’d published a college textbook on Neurophysiology with McGraw Hill and thought he’d try writing again, but what to write? Always a fan of mysteries, he decided to become a mystery/thriller writer. How hard could it be? he thought. It didn’t take long to find out. But, best of all, it also turned out to be lots of fun.

Don’s Hunter McCoy Mystery Series features a medical school professor with a clandestine past. When his duties at the med school allow it, he occasionally does “find-and-correct” work for people in need of his unique talents and his international law enforcement contacts. Most stories involve a good deal of world-wide intrigue and an inevitable connection to Florida.